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The Best Ribs in Town
Satisfying your cravings for Legendary ribs can be a very challenging experience. Especially when you’re seeking mouthwatering, tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs. Fortunately, the search for the best ribs in town stops at Texas Roadhouse. Our Ribs are hand-cut, USDA certified and are grain finished for 120 days. We follow a ‘low and slow’ cooking process for more than four hours to achieve extremely tender ribs that slides of the bone without having to use a knife. At Texas Roadhouse, the ribs barbecue sauce recipe has been specifically developed for the ribs dish, and you won’t find it anywhere else. The recipe hasn’t changed since its inception, and it is
a closely guarded secret. At Texas Roadhouse, you can get your ribs craving satisfied by opting for the full portion dish of two massive ribs, boldly plated and waiting for you to simply pull apart the tender beef with your fork. Fancy a steak and ribs? Then get the best of both worlds by choosing the Ribeye Steak and Rib Combo plate. You can’t really go wrong here!